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    WordPress is a system that is gaining popularity year by year and is more willingly used when it comes to creating corporate websites, not just blogs. It is very easy to install and use, and has features that allow self-management of the website. It is a CMS system that has unlimited possibilities for development and is supported by thousands of people around the world creating various add-ons such as plug-ins. Unfortunately, with more users, the WordPress system is subject to more frequent attacks by WordPress malware. Leaving the WP platform un-updated, installing extensions from unknown sources, simple passwords and logins, and failing to update plugins and themes can cause a third party to attack your site. Getting into the software by hacking can be dangerous in its consequences. Not only will the hacker have the ability to modify the entire content of your site, but it can also lead to the deletion of valuable files and materials and the sending of unsolicited mail to customers. WordPress malware removal by our company has been around for several years. We will help you to recover a stable site so that you can continue the good performance of your website. You can, also test your strength and follow some steps to prevent WordPress viruses from continuing. However, these can't always get the job done and your actions can affect your site badly, so it's a good idea to get help from professionals. Get back to us if you have WordPress malware on your site. What can you expect by just deciding on our company that removes WordPress malware? First of all, we will perform a detailed scan of all files and databases to find, isolate, and remove infected data from your site. More than 60% of WordPress malware attacks target the wp-login.php file until the server refuses to cooperate and stops working. And each subsequent attempt puts a great strain on server resources, so we will protect your site from such WordPress malware activities. Infections can cause your website to be blacklisted on Google. What could this mean? If you are blacklisted for a domain your emails sent to customers may go straight to spam. Google blacklisting alerts a user who wants to access your website with harmful content.

    If this is the problem you are having, we will remove the warnings and the blacklisted site for you. Our WordPress malware specialists will update your entire WP, plugins and templates and install extensions that will keep your site safe. Besides, as a client you need to know what has been done, removed and also secured, so our staff will communicate with you on a regular basis and at the very end they will provide a detailed report on all the steps taken to clean your site from WordPress malware. As we already mentioned there are a few steps that you can do yourself. Start by restoring a backup from a day when your WP was not infected. The next step is to change your passwords, and this should actually be the first action you should take if you have discovered the unwanted software. Change the password for the admin account in the WordPress dashboard, the FTP or SSH accounts, the MySQL database user and password, the domain management panel and the WP hosting panel. Quite often with WordPress malware, strange user accounts appear. If uninvited administrators have appeared in the users tab remove them as soon as possible. Make sure that all plugins and templates you use are either from the manufacturer's website or from a verified source. If not, remove them as they may contain trojans or backdoors. One of the most important lines of defense against attacks is to keep the entire WordPress platform up to date, so make sure it is up to date, and if not, update it. Have the ways we listed above failed? Or you don't feel up to it because you're afraid of losing valuable data? If yes, then we will be glad to help you remove WordPress malware or any other type of infection on your website. All you need to do is write to us and describe your problem, and we will clean your site and protect it from further attacks with utmost efficiency. Unlike many agencies, we are specialists who develop our skills every day in the aspect of WordPress viruses. WordPress malware removal is our daily routine, and each of our clients is assured that the effects of viruses and infections will be dealt with. Contact us and you will see that our WordPress malware removal is fast and effective.